Salmon — “Sous-Vide” style

So far Salmon sous-vide has been a great success. I’ve made it several times with both Coho & Chinook salmon and been pleased with the results as have my ‘tasters’.

The first step is to add whatever seasonings you want and rub them on the Salmon then vacuum seal the Salmon. For cooking, there is a variation according to taste, with some cooks using a temperature as low as 104F. I chose the somewhat “safer” temperature of 114F. In either case 20 minutes should be enough to bring a filet to temperature.

For seasonings, I use a variation of the BBQ salmon ingredients I use in my smoker:

* Minced fresh Dill

* Sweet, hot Mustard

* Olive Oil (or Garlic Olive Oil)

The result is a Salmon that stays mostly pink even though it has been cooked to temperature and is incredibly juicy.



January 22, 2006. Recipes, Technique.


  1. Rogh-sensei replied:

    Thoughts on soy/wasabi marinated tuna loin sous-vide? I just discovered the principal of this method and am fascinated. I lack any kind of hardware to accomplish this (no cryovac or water bath apparatus) so all my discussions would be theoretical.

  2. Dale Prentice replied:

    I have to recipes for sous vide salmon on my blog that my be of interest to you.

    Kind regards

    Dale Prentice

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