Sous-vide Tri-tip

We have a local favorite steak here in the bay area called “Fred’s Steak” which is a secret marinate on a tri-tip sold by a local family run butcher shop. Traditional preparation is either grilling or baking. But sure enough, a sous-vide treatment (45 to 60 minutes at 128-135 depending on taste) followed by searing in an iron skillet (or with a torch) worked out great and has won hands down in blind taste tests we’ve run here.

I’ve done the same thing with tri-tips prepared several different ways. Another winner for the sous-vide cooker!

January 16, 2010. Recipes, Technique.


  1. Madeline Osborne replied:

    I am discovering the joys of Sous Vide, and having done a flat cut corned beef, was ‘Net searching. Having found this article, I was tempted to try a tri-tip. I found a roast this afternoon at my grocer’s that was marked down, and have picked up a nice seasoning rub packet and will be making it this weekend. Thank you! The photos and timing info will be MOST valuable!

    • sousvide replied:

      Awesome. I’m glad the site has been helpful, and please do let us know how the tri-tip turned out!–David

  2. Leigh Jones replied:

    I prepare tri-tip for my family frequently using supermarket meats available locally, and Fred’s steak is not available. My technique has evolved lately to include an overnight brine in one quart of water with two tablespoons of table salt, two tablespoons of granulated sugar, a piece of konbu diced with dried shitake mushroom, adding a dash of liquid smoke and a teaspoon of Marmite. In the morning it goes into the sous vide cooker with no seasonings in the cooking bag at 131 degrees for about 12 hours. Then I season it and sear grill marks into it for 2-3 minutes on a backyard grill. The result has always been moist and tender with a very savory flavor. This can be seasoned with barbecue sauce to make Santa Maria roast, or with dry rub for a Southwest flavor, or cubed and added to recipes such as stroganoff.

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