Welcome to Sous-Vide (Vacuum / slow cooking)

Welcome to an adventure in an emerging style of cooking.

Sous-vide, or “cooking with vacuum” has been around for a long time, but is enjoying a re-emergence as a gourmet cooking method. It involves cooking food in a relatively low temperature water bath, usually after it has been vacuum-sealed in a bag.

I’m not a chef or any kind of professional cook. But I am very interested in sous-vide and found very few resources on the web–and in particular very few recipes–so I thought I’d write down my experiences here both to share with others and to elicit comments from folks who have their own results (both successes and failures) to share.

Welcome!–David Cardinal



  1. melvin replied:

    we make a range of baths for sous vide applications :
    supplying many Michelin restaurants and others and alos serious home chefs.

  2. uncertneodide replied:

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  3. Sous Vide Solutions replied:

    I am writing to inform you of a new consultancy service “Sous Vide Solutions” to accommodate the growing use of this cooking technique.
    I have been using this method of cookery for many years professionally in fine-dining restaurants, and contribute regularly at demonstrations and trade-shows.
    I have been working with the leading UK waterbath manufacturers [Clifton] and alongside Mulivac vacuum packers.

    During the past 12 months I have seen much growth through the industry and a definite trend of larger-scale properties (often without highly skilled chefs) changing their cooking styles towards the sous vide method. That said the need for proper training and safe system set-up is vitally needed.

    Sous Vide Solutions provide expert, practical set-up advice and the implementation within your premises for a tailored service – including the seamless inclusion of systems, processes and technology. Full support of HACCP is all part of a safe and efficient service that Sous Vide Solutions offer.

    Olly Rouse
    Principle Consultant

  4. Sous Vide Solutions replied:

    My apologies! Link is here! Sous Vide Solutions provide expert, practical set-up advice and the implementation within your premises for a tailored service – including the seamless inclusion of systems, processes and technology. Full support of HACCP is all part of a safe and efficient service that Sous Vide Solutions offer.

  5. julie replied:

    Hi i am doing an assignment on sous vide and can not find any info on it so can you please try to answer my questions:
    1) the description and process
    2) Foods that are preserved by this method
    3)Latest tecnology for this method

    thanks frm julie

  6. Andrew Stark replied:

    If anyone is looking for a basic overview of Sous Vide and what is involved our website VACIT.com, has been set up as a dedicated site for chefs looking for Vacuum Packing Machines & Vacuum Bags or Pouches and we also discuss the Sous Vide method and what is involved on the following link http://www.vacit.com/vacuum_packaging_sous-vide.html.

  7. Roy Homent replied:

    Hi, for professional and enthusiastic amateurs alike, Grant offers a comprehensive professional range of sous vide cooking baths and immersion circulators. We supply top restauants world wide and offer very high quality products, competitively priced. Please take a look at http://www.grantsousvide.com for details. Thanks

  8. steph replied:

    We recently launched a website offering vacuum sealers and bags. We offer both sous vide and channel vacuum bags.

    We are offering a 10% discount on the sous vide bags is the discount code – SOUSVIDE is used. Enjoy!


  9. Sous-Vide replied:

    I can only recommend the German site of Lava – high quality vacuum sealers for sous-vide kitchen – Lava offers a great variety and ships worldwide. Expecially the double- and triple-sealing machines are recommended for sous-vide kitchen.

  10. mick replied:

    I had a food saver vacuum pump and it lasted about a week before it stopped sealing the bags complete, meaning the bags would not hold the vacuum and the food got freezer burn. My impression of Food Saver is it is junk.

    Can anyone advise how to build a commercial chamber vacuum pump without spending thousands of dollars? It can not be that difficult.



  11. SAMMIC USA replied:

    The broadest range of high quality, NSF approved, Chamber Vacuum Packing Machines is now available in the US. We have double sealing, with sensor, softair and gas flush options at competitive prices. Email us and get a special discount. usa@sammic.com

  12. Diana Hsieh replied:

    Hi! Sorry to post this here, but I didn’t see a contact e-mail.

    I’ve just created an e-mail list for people cooking sous vide: http://www.modernpaleo.com/sousvide.html

    Here’s the description from the web site:

    SousVide is an informal, private mailing list for people who cook sous vide, particularly home cooks. Its basic purpose is to facilitate the sharing of information, resources, recipes, and tips related to cooking sous vide.

    All and only subscribers to SousVide are eligible to submit posts to Sous Vide Review, a blog carnival featuring the best posts of the month on sous vide cooking hosted by The Modern Paleo Blog ( http://blog.ModernPaleo.com ).

    SousVide is not moderated, but members who violate its very basic rules will be subject to moderation, if not unsubscribed. It is managed by Shea Levy.

    Note: SousVide is open to new subscribers, but the list will not be open for introductions and discussion until the afternoon of Wednesday, March 17th.

    The list is part of my “Modern Paleo” web site ( http://www.ModernPaleo.com ), but you don’t need to eat or advocate a paleo-type diet to join the list.

    You can subscribe here: http://groups.google.com/group/paleobloggers/subscribe

    If you have any problems subscribing, just drop me an e-mail, as I can subscribe you manually.

    Please feel free to spread the word!

    FYI, I’ve blogged a bit about my own experiments with sous vide here:


    — DMH

    P.S. I’m adding you to the Modern Paleo blogroll.

  13. Diana Hsieh replied:

    Grrrr… I got the subscription link wrong. It should be:


  14. Dale Prentice replied:

    Hi David Cardinal

    I look after Instanta water baths and Polyscience immersion circulators in Australia. My company http://sousvideaustralia.com/ also provides training and advice. We blog recipes of sous vide cooking http://sousvideaustralia.com/2010/05/butter-poached-lobster-so-devine/ providing inspiration for this wonderfull methode of cookery.

  15. Mark Paul replied:

    Its a nice blog.For perfect sous vide cooking, Orved.it offers thermal immersion circulators of advanced technology. They can cook food safely. They offer the machines that are used in a wide variety of works. Each ORVED machine qualifies the most rigid international standards.

    sous vide

  16. lynnette replied:

    I am trying to help out with the Solar Decathlon, a competition run by the Department of Energy for a off the grid solar building. One of the contests is to make dinner, and we are wondering about applying a sous vide technique using heat from a solar thermal array that runs at 60ºC. Would anyone like to consult on this?


  17. http://tinyurl.com/primangus42000 replied:

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    (Vacuum / slow cooking) Sous-Vide & Cooking”?
    Igenuinely loved it! Thanks for the post -Lilia

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  19. Wei He replied:

    I am starting a kickstarter project called slice a roller, it will make cutting vacuum rolls into bags so much easier. It’s a sliding cutter dispenser box for vacuum rolls. Come check it out.

  20. Richardkes replied:

    he said https://hydra2020gate.com

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